Fire Island, NY

Located directly behind Fire Island’s primary dune, this unique beach property inspired RKLA to focus the landscape on a resilient and ecologically sustainable native plant palette. The goal was to remain simple, elegant, and sustainable in creating this viewing landscape.

Guided by local observation and plant data, a site specific plant palette was selected to complement the existing dune character and expand the habitat of the nearby Fire Island National Seashore and Robert Moses State Park. With the help of the local landscape contractor, RKLA tested the plant selections the fall prior to the scheduled plant installation.

Disturbance to the site was kept at a minimum. The invasives were cleared and the existing perimeter plants were left undisturbed. The new house, composed of three intersecting rectilinear forms rotated to maximize views and privacy, was built on wood pilings. Only the pilings and vertically slatted wooden breakaway walls meet the ground plane.

Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) Award of Excellence 2012

SPG Architects

Francine Fleischer

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